Executive Summary

  • Ixora Vineyards was set up in 2008 with a focus on providing the discerning consumers in India with high quality wines.
  • The company is following a dual strategy of importing quality wines from Italy, France, Chile and Australia and also producing high quality wines in India through setting up a vineyard in Dindori, Nasik.
  • The Vineyard has been developed with French consultants following the terroir approach and root stock imported in from France. 16 hectares has been acquired and developed and 20 hectares are to be acquired.


  16 hectors .. developed by french consultant


  • The company is managed by an experienced hands-on Managing Director, Sachin Rane, with a board of directors.
  • Sales force of 15 persons who cover Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi as well as a support staff of 4 persons in Mumbai.
  • Three distributors partner in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi Goa and Bangalore respectively.
  • The sales team covers a total of 400 outlets and nearly 200 hotels/restaurants.
  • Wine tasting and marketing support is done on a consulting basis by a trained sommelier.


  • Dual strategy of importing wines into India as well as creating high quality wines in India
  • The objective of getting into the imported business was to build a front end infrastructure to service retail and institutional customers in anticipation of the local wine as well as generate profits to fund the investment in the creation of the local wine in 2017
       A.Wine partners include Chianti Geografico, Batasiolo & Deli Bori (Italy), Les Celliers Jean D'Alibert (France), Howling Wolves              (Australia-recently discontinued), Carte de Vieja (Chile), Blue Plume, Salin,  Lavau  & Dulon (France), and Covides (Spain ).      B.Blue Plume is a private label. This will help us get established in the market place and allow us to use this brand for the Indian wine.
  • With the help of French consultants, we identified land to grow wine in India by importing root stock from France. These grapes will be ready for use by Feb 2017


Our very own Indian  Wine!